A Natural Thanksgiving

You may think I have the best job in the world. I do. Thanksgiving happens every day.

For one thing there is the YSI Thrift and Gift Shop staffed by the YSI Guild, always eager to thank their customers and contributors.

Partly as a result of their efforts, we at YSI are surrounded daily by:

* Kids with eyes wide open seeing things for the first time, learning about creeks and animals, light and music, rocks and stars.
* Young teachers learning how to teach kids about creeks and animals, light and music, rocks and stars.
* Master teachers teaching young teachers how to teach.
* Animal curators carefully caring for animals used to teach children.
* Junior curators learning how to care for those animals.
* Classroom teachers seeking new opportunities for their students.
* Donors contributing so that others can learn.
* Parents lovingly nurturing their children and encouraging their freedom.
* Staff members devoting themselves to tirelessly serving others.
* Board members donating their time and talents.
* Volunteers helping with anything and everything.

All of us at YSI are grateful for the chance to be part of the community. We join with the Guild in wishing everyone the best of holiday seasons.

Here is a Thanksgiving message from the YSI Guild written by a Guild member.

The all volunteer staff at YSI’s Thrift and Gift Store at 3151 Alum Rock Avenue would like to thank our many customers and donors.

You have made possible another successful year. In the month of September the store’s sales grossed $11,363. Our three YSI locations at Sanborn Park, Vasona Park, and our own Alum Rock Park benefit from these sales. The Wildlife Festival held in October at Alum Rock Park welcomed over 2200 people. The many animals at YSI are fed well and cared for lovingly. The birds will be enjoying new aviaries. The school programs continue to introduce and enthrall students with their natural surroundings. The programs in our three YSI Nature Centers for children in K-6th have been a huge success.

Your donations of items, paper and plastic bags, and “goodies” lovingly made for us, keep us busy, happy, and focused on the needs of YSI.Our monthly sale days have proven profitable and we will continue them.

We will be closed December 21st through January 3rd for the holidays. We will re-open on Tuesday, January 4th with many “new” things on our shelves and hangars.

Again, our thanks and appreciation to our customers, many of whom we know by name. You continue to make great things happen with YSI.

May your holidays be full of friends and family. We’ll see you in 2000.

Sandy Floersch, Guild Member

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