During this week of temperatures in the 80s, I decided it was time to plant a new raised garden bed with a few choice treats—basil, tomatoes, peppers and some green bean seeds. Of course, the next day the weather turned. An ocean front dropped the temp to the 50s and, at the same time, created winds up to 60 mph. The power went out during the night; the internet antenna swung out of alignment; a limb from the box elder crashed into the back of the house and another from the elderberry dropped on the patio.

The pond disappeared under a blanket of debris. Litter surrounded the car and pollen obscured the windows. Pine cones were everywhere.

When the wind abated a little, I started the clean up by tackling the box elder limb, the largest project. Little by little I whacked off limbs and loaded them into the car to take out to the yard waste recycling container. By dividing, I managed to conquer most of the small limbs and pack them out.The poor little plants in the garden are begging to go back to the safe and secure nursery from whence they came.

There is still plenty of clean up to do, but I may spend the rest of the day just thinking about it. Tomorrow is another day and summer may return.

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