A Visit from the King

The garden was decked out in regal splendor. The roses were at their peak, the daisies were just starting to wane and poppies were everywhere. Visitors and locals abounded. Thrashers watched hourly for a perfectly ripe blueberry, jays cleaned up acorns, band-tailed pigeons visited the elderberries to see if they were ripe, deer grazed on dandelion flowers, tadpoles swam in the pond and coyotes left their mark to trot off to work down the driveway. Rabbits peeked out from the manzanita, avoiding coyotes eyeing the lettuce. Overhead turkey vultures soared on warm currents. It was the perfect time to have the king stop by for a visit. We have been honored.

A Visit from the King from CApoppy on Vimeo.

I turned around and saw him snaking alongside the studio. He was gorgeous! About four feet long slowly making his way along the porch. I happened to have my camera in my pocket. A perfect opportunity! He noticed me, turned, and went into the woodpile. Excited, I went inside to show Gordon the picture. When I came out, he was gone–but not quite. He poked his head out of the woodpile but quickly retreated when he saw me. I backed off and tended to weeding, all the time watching for him. Eventually he emerged, went into the garden, turned and exited into the wilds on the other side of the fence.

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