Rah, a truly fine cat, came to live with us for six months toward the end of his span of years. Lymphoma cut short his life with us on the mountain.

Mountain Cleanup

There are about forty households in the three miles up here at the end of our road. Over the years outsiders have used this steep terrain to dispose of things they needed to ditch (literally!). About thirty of us met at our house up here at the end of the road and spent the day working our way down and cleaning up the ‘hood. One neighbor had a large trailer, another a small bulldozer. We roped ourselves down steep hillsides and found more than we expected–including an empty open safe, an old toilet, a sports car hulk from which the motor had been removed, an old entertainment center and enough old tires to outfit FedEx.

I took pictures and put them together into this video. Although I intended it just for the neighbors, we were able to use it to get the County to waive the considerable cost of dumping this trash. They also recognized us at a Board of Supervisors meeting and gave us a plaque.

Utah! a family summit meeting

Here are glimpses of our family trip to Utah in December 2008.
Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but even pictures can not capture the time we had together.