A Moving Experience

Neighbors, up here at the end of the road, who live two houses down are moving. They need to live closer to her elderly parents. The house sold and the time had come. Yesterday morning we saw a medium-sized moving truck coming up the mountain as we were going down. It was a large truck, but not one of those gigantic moving vans. Trucks that size frequently go up and down our narrow winding road, albeit slowly.

Then last evening about 7:00 the emails started flooding in from the folks in our Bohlman Road Yahoo group.

“Keith was on his way home and saw where a big truck lost his brakes and plowed into what we think is the garage of a house below the T-junction.   Fire trucks are there. “

“Hopefully, no one has been injured.”

At 9:30 this morning the truck was indeed still there, but the garage of the house was missing with parts of it dangling down the mountain slope beyond. By noon there was another truck there unloading the contents and reloading into another truck. I stopped to take pictures.

We have sometimes seen a small child riding a tricycle with her mother alongside in the driveway. At times there has been a car parked in the drive. The garage is just uphill and attached to the house. The wheels of the runaway truck missed the left wall of the garage by about two inches. Had it hit that wall it would have toppled over directly onto the roof of the house.

Viewing this scene is one of those times when the world pauses and all motion ceases.

June 6

Tow trucks came and took the truck. What was left this morning was the heart-stopping view of the shattered tiny pink bicycle so often seen on trips down the hill with a small child learning to ride. It had been under the truck. Miraculously everyone is okay.