Snakes You Should Meet

Of course we live in the wild. Every year or two we have some snakes around, as well as a lot of other wild life.¬† This year we have had almost a snake a month. So I am showcasing this year’s snakes, which I have come to appreciate. The only “bad” snakes we are apt to have are rattlers and so far there have been none this year. Even rattlers do some good and are not anxious to to encounter people. They go away if they see you first. So here are this year’s snakes.

Snake of the month for May

A gopher snake. It appeared while I was whacking the weeds in the meadow. It cruised up, curious, and left me time to grab my camera. Then it cruised on to who-knows-where.

Gopher snake

Snake of the month for June

While I was working in the garden, I was honored to have a king snake stop by to inspect. He seemed satisfied with my work and went on to other duties. A king’s life is not easy.

A Visit from the King from CApoppy on Vimeo.

July was a quiet snake month. I hope they occasionally paid a visit, but I did not see them. (I think they are nomads.)

Snake of the month for August

I came around the house and startled a small elegant garter snake. It swam across the pond and then peered out at me from the growth on the other side. Of course I grabbed my camera.

garter snake

I have come to respect and know my local snakes. They have a life too and eat rodents. They do not want to come close to me and I am happy to have them contribute to our mutual well-being. I stay alert and so do they. We can co-exist.

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