Sandy’s Yurt – a jewel in a golden setting

My friend Sandy built a yurt on her beautiful property in Butte County in California. I spent a weekend helping paint the exterior. Her yurt came from YurtPeople. It is small (just under 600 square feet) but spacious and gorgeous. The components arrive ready to assemble. The sixteen sections are held together with a cable that circles the ring that holds the skylight and another cable that circles the perimeter.
Here are a few pictures that do not come close to doing it justice.

yurt02This is a view looking in from the front door. The kitchen, which has a beautiful view of the Sacramento Valley, is just beyond the living and dining room. To the right is the bathroom, bedroom, and closet. (Yes, those are my shoes that I abandoned in the middle of the floor.)


The bedroom is just beyond the short wall behind the beautiful old fold down desk. In the wall alongside are jacks for telephone and dsl connections. The walls have been plastered with mud-colored plaster, which is available in 35 earthy colors. They are gorgeous! The insulation is cotton and ecologically friendly.

yurt05The bathroom has a shower stall on the right and shelves on the left. You can see a hint of them in the lower left corner of the photo. An on-demand water heater provides ample showering comfort.
In building this haven, Sandy has found people who share her vision. They have added unique touches and provided valuable advice. If you are interested in knowing more about the products and people she found to help her, you may send her an email.

The yurt has windows that permit expansive views of the beautiful golden hillsides and valleys that stretch in all directions. Part of an earlier Spanish land grant, the land was used in former times for timber and cattle grazing.
yurt07Dry creeks dot the property. It is peacefully shared with wild turkeys, deer, coyotes, snakes and a variety of wild life. One of Sandy’s dogs rests in the shade of an oak.