Same Sex Marriage

Time to go on record for how happy I am that the same-sex couples I know (and don’t know) can be legally married and have the same recognition and rights under the law as the rest of us. I believe I am not alone in having several friends, relatives, and friends with children that are same sex couples. These are folks who say so openly. There are many others.

In particular today I remember Barbara and Jo. Both are gone now, but for forty+ years they lived together and shared life. I first met them when they lived in the apartment across the hall from my mother in a retirement community. We all became friends. And, although they never “came out”, it was clear that they meant a great deal to each other. Both were in their 80s when Jo became ill and ended up in the hospital. Barbara had periodic heart problems and was confined to the health care center. She could not drive. Once when I was visiting my mother, I offered to take Barbara to the hospital to see Jo. It was a touching moment when they were able to see each other. It was the last time before Jo died.

I recognize that it is hard to overcome tradition, but the bond of love defies time, gender, and nationality. May Jo and Barbara, who lived in peace, now rest in peace

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