Roof – Chapter 3 – 95%

This tale of loss (of roof) and restoration is almost ended. Earlier chapters can now be found below. I am not planning a sequel

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The carpet arrived, but not without Gordon having to go down the hill into town to meet the man who was to install it. He claimed to be a confirmed flatlander who never would have taken the job if he had known he would have to drive up a mountain. Once he got here he was fine and helped rehang the bedroom door and move the bed back in. Too bad we didn’t have him rehang those darn closet doors too.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Giant fans extracting moisture from the bedroom area


Ladder with paint can on the floor in the closet

Slightly after






And now!

The closet with doors on in a furnished room
Bed with hippari hanging over it







My beautiful hippari from Kasuri Dyeworks in Berkeley has been in the closet too long. I thought it was time for it to come out.

New reading corner in bedroom
Everything back in place, slightly rearranged



Not everyone is lucky enough to have an original Thomas Frost photograph, or to know the original Thomas Frost personally for that matter. His photograph of ice has a niche of honor in the new scheme of things.

And the 5%?

Lampshade with water stainSo, now the hard part. You probably noticed a missing lampshade in the otherwise perfect room pictured above. This lampshade was water-damaged. Its partner fared better but still is very old and looks pretty grungy in such elegant surroundings.But do you think I can find a replacement? These shades are more than thirty years old and are flat on one side because they fit on wall lamps. I currently have the name of a person who might know the name of a person who does custom lampshades.Let me know if you have any leads. They are 15″ high and 12″ in diameter across the top. But 95% isn’t bad.


Mimi the cat on the bed in the sun.


Mimi the cat has finally settled down in her customary place in sunbeams on the down comforter on the bed. The sun has come out and she has overcome her pique at us for having moved the mattress off of the living room floor in front of the fireplace.


The latest

A woman at the Benjamin Moore paint store in Los Gatos where I buy all my paint knows a man in Santa Cruz who makes custom lampshades. She has taken one of the shades to him to see how much it would cost to make a new one. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll just stain the other one to match.

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