deer_at_pondFox at the pond

The evening started with a beautiful moon. And then the mountain woke up. The camera ready to roll, we had our usual lengthy visit from a fox at the pond at 11:03. No deer this night. All was quiet until 1:33.

Then it happened. A puma, or mountain lion as they are known in these parts, arrived. No mistaking it. Only twice in the past forty-two years have I had the pleasure of seeing one in the distance on the mountain. But the camera captured one right outside our back door. Exciting!

9 thoughts on “Puma!

  1. Anne Dunham says:

    I have been in contact with the Santa Cruz Puma Project. They occasionally have someone up here with a radio antenna tracking the whereabouts of a couple of collared cats that they are monitoring. They have a range with a five mile radius, so they are pretty illusive. I don’t know if this is one of their cats, but I did send them the pictures.

  2. Tom Frost says:

    Wow. Looks well fed. He/she was so close to the camera for the mug shots that they’re way over exposed. It looks like there is a radio collar (faint dark partial rectangle under the jaw) in one of the mug shots, and maybe visible in some of the profiles. Do you know if there is a research site that keeps track of the local lions (or maybe they don’t want to publicize where the kitties are)?


  3. Robert D says:

    Anne and Gordon,

    Way Cool !!

    It took forever for me to finally see the beasts were coming to drink from your koi pond. What a great attraction and addition to their environment during this incredible drought.

    I’ve got to know about the camera. Deer and fox show night eyes–none appear on the puma. Is there an explanation relating to differing light conditions or light sources?

    Are you capturing these pictures with a motion sensor trigger or waiting for your guests to visit and photographing them in person and then.

    Again, WOW !!

    And thank you for sharing.

    • Anne Dunham says:

      Actually we have no koi. We used to have mosquito fish, but they ate all the tadpoles of the tree frogs. Now we just have water striders, tadpoles in the spring, and bees that like having a drink. (Our neighbor is a beekeeper.) Oh! And a lot of birds and other wildlife.

  4. Dorothy Warren says:

    No wonder there weren’t any deer out. I am missing a couple of my outdoor cats. I hope they didn’t become someone’s dinner. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

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