Mother – December 28, 1910 to October 17, 2013

MotherThe last time I talked to Mother, when she was able to respond, she said, “You know I am leaving. I am flying out of here.” Today she flew. How lucky I have been to have the perfect mother for 73 years. Until a month ago she was still talking to her grandchild via Skype.

She was not always perfect (but close and still a lot of fun), which made her perfect. We were not always perfect and she understood. As one of her nurses said, “I hope she had a good flight.”

4 thoughts on “Mother – December 28, 1910 to October 17, 2013

  1. Mark Humphreys says:

    Anne: I know your mother, as most of our acquaintances in life know us – through her child. You. And how you honored her, always. That tells me who she was. Beauty. Filled with life. Alive with Big Love. Wild and reserved all in good measure. Blessings to you and all who knew and loved your mother.

  2. Donna Buchanan says:

    Esther was the most woderful lady I have ever met. I have known her for 6 years and loved to pick her brain. She use to say that she could be lieing but I told her I would not know the difference. My dog, Angel, & I will miss her. I’m glad that 2 of the grandkids got to meet her and have their picture taken with her.

    • Anne says:

      Mother loved having you and Angel visit her. Glad you both enjoyed it too. I hope for all of us that we have wonderful friends like you who love and support us to the end.

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