Jaime and Joey, Zapotec weavers

On November 14th I had the opportunity to meet two weavers, Jaime an 8th generation Zapotec weaver and his partner Joey, at their home in Lathrop in the Central Valley of California. What a nice day!

They are producing modern Zapotec textiles in the traditional way on looms build by Zenon Hipolito, Jaime’s father. I was invited into their home/studio. There I saw the three hand-built looms in what would otherwise be the living room of their condominium.

There was another loom in the garage that Jaime’s father was rebuilding to accommodate their current orders. Not only does he build the looms, he also makes the shuttles by hand and has built a spinning wheel which Joey uses to spin some of their rug yarn. Many of their yarns are hand-dyed.

On the front porch they carefully tend cactus pads which are home to cochineal beetles. These beetles produce an ancient natural dye that is hard to come by. Zenon, Jaime’s father, harvested the beetles and cactus pads in the Los Angeles area. The cactus pads are hung from a wooden frame that is carefully covered with plastic sheeting to keep the temperature from dropping too low in California’s inland valley. The beetles create a fluffy white covering which protects them from drying out it the dessert. When the beetles grow into a large colony under their protective fluffy coating, they are harvested, dried, and eventually ground into a powder that produces a lovely red dye.

My weaver/friend Ev went with me. We were treated not only to an amazing array of their work but also to their wonderful hospitality.

The day ended with lunch at the Ghiradelli Chocolate factory just a half a mile a way. What a trip!

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  1. Jane says:

    Hi Anne,
    I met these guys at a street fair and bought a rug from them. I’ve been looking for them to buy another rug but I haven’t been able to find them with my web searches. I can’t tell from your post when you saw them last, but if you know how to get in touch with them, would send me an email?


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