Time for something a little different from the usual omelet or quiche we have for Sunday brunch. With a couple of family members to join us, I found a recipe in the Breakfast and Brunches from the Academy cookbook that had an Anglo-Indian combination of curry-seasoned rice and smoked salmon. I happened to have some smoked salmon on hand and decided to give it a try. Delicious! Recipe

It also prompted me to remember with fondness my days at the California Academy in 1978 shortly after it opened. It was during its free-wheeling early days and I learned a lot there before we opened our restaurant in Saratoga in 1980.

Arroz con Fideos (Rice with Pasta, Scallions, and Garlic

finished dish of rice and pastaHere is something a little different (for me) to serve as a side dish. I ran across it while looking through an old Gourmet magazine from June 2001. It apparently is quite common in several Latin American countries and I even found some videos in Spanish on how to make it. Good practice in my endless quest to learn more Spanish. We had it with shrimp last night. Easy and good.

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Mary Ann’s Borscht

With Christmas rapidly approaching I would be remiss not to share my sister-in-law’s recipe for Borscht. We have had a couple of opportunities to share this delicious Christmas Eve tradition from Mary Ann’s family and may have to adopt it ourselves.

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Taco Salad

This is a good salad. The lime dressing fits it perfectly. It was a recipe from a Cook’s Country. It is especially good when topped with diced avocado, shredded pepper jack or cheddar cheese, sliced red onion, and sour cream or plain yogurt.

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Pumpkin Soup with Blue Toast

During our restaurant days, I bought up the rest of a pumpkin patch every year after Halloween so we could continue to make pumpkin pies until spring. I still buy pumpkins every fall, although not on quite such a grand scale. I cook them and freeze the puree. So when I saw this recipe at Whole Foods Market, it seemed like a natural.

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Narsai’s Peach Upside-Down Cake

KCBS has a spot where Narsai David, a locally well-known foody, enthusiastically extols the latest in local provender. I was on my way to the farmer’s market on a recent Sunday morning when he came on with this. And there they were. The world’s most beautiful peaches. What could I do? You can find the original recipe for this here. He has some possible variations you can make with different fruit.

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