Dog on the Loom (aka Project from hell)

Cotton jacket clothI should have known better. A laudable decision to find ways to use some of my stash, led me to this. I had plenty of cotton slub two-ply left on a mill-end cone. I used some of it many years ago (as weft) to make a summer jacket that I wear frequently. I found an 6-harness huck pattern in a 1998 Handwoven that produced a lovely jacket and was seduced into deciding I could use this mill-end as warp (bad decision). Coupled with this was my first attempt to try warping front to back, a technique used by a friend who swears by it. I carefully wound 6+ yard 6-shaft warp 33 inches wide at 20 epi.

Words cannot describe how many things have gone wrong. Threading errors, sleying errors, breakage, tangles from unbalanced twist, too many warp chains because I ran short of warp, and anything else you can think of has plagued this misguided idea. I am too stubborn to give up. At last the warp is wound and I am now weaving.

My new best friend is fabric glue which I am using regularly when the slubby ply of the warp breaks behind the reed. Every few inches I stop, pull the broken ply forward through the reed and glue it firmly to the other ply. But I persevere. I will see this through!

September 20, 2011 – Dog Days

Off the loom and bathed, the dog was ready to be photographed today. It has a nice hand. We shall see what happens next.
Full width of yardage
Close up of huck design

One thought on “Dog on the Loom (aka Project from hell)

  1. Anne says:

    Yesterday the dog met its day and was taken off the loom. Today I wove in all the loose ends (mainly broken warps) and am about to throw all 5 3/8 yards of it into the washing machine. What will come of it next? Will I make something out of it in my lifetime? We shall see.

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