Castle in winter

Petulia’s Gift

In a time long ago a certain gentle man, to whom I am married, wrote a charming story for his lovely granddaughter, Julia, who was almost four-years-old. He has lovingly read it and re-read it remembering that earlier time when we all were much younger. Here it is for all, whether you are almost four, almost forty-four, or remain young enough in heart to remember the pleasure in fairy tales coming true.

Click to read Petulia’s Gift by Gordon Dunham

Frost Family gathered in Portland

An Engagement and a Graduation

A leisurely, but occasionally smoky, two-day drive up I-5 to Portland culminated in a three-day celebration of two memorable events: the engagement of Brian Frost and Sydney Eustrom and the graduation from nursing school of Julia Frost and Josh Caswell. Brian and Julia represent one of the more recent branches of the family tree. Participating with us in various parts of the celebration were parents Theresa and Tom Frost, grand-parents Chuck and Lou Frost, uncle Peter Frost, and a number of members of the Eustrom family. Here is a glimpse into the weekend.

Decking the Halls

A couple of weeks ago Tom, Brian, and Theresa arrived from Spokane and Portland to help build a new deck/stairway with a railing and wide steps that would help Gordon navigate from the house to the deck and points beyond. It was a stellar week for us, but a trial for Tom and Brian. It was the coldest, most miserable week of the winter. But they persevered with the help of classy rain gear Theresa found at a local Good Will. You can see the results here. Pretty classy stuff!

Utah! a family summit meeting

Here are glimpses of our family trip to Utah in December 2008.
Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but even pictures can not capture the time we had together.