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Gordon exits our new white FITOur aging Saturn had its right side mirror sheared off as the result of a too-close encounter with a garbage can left out in the road. The right taillight met a trailer hitch while I was backing out of the driveway last April. I had picked up the pieces and glued it back together as best I could. For some mysterious reason the cruise-control quit working a couple of months ago. So when the duct tape that was holding the right side mirror in place failed and the mirror was left dangling along the side of the car, it became clear that the time of action had arrived. I set off to find another car.

Past experience and research coerced me in the direction of a Honda. Probably a relatively recent Civic with moderate mileage. While a hybrid was appealing, the extra expense for minimal efficiency for our location in the mountains seemed foolish. I set out on the quest.

The ensuing events at Capitol Honda in San Jose led me down a different path. The result was the acquisition of a new Honda FIT for about the same amount I would have spent on a gently used Civic. This is the first all-new car I have ever purchased and so far I am not disappointed. The reviews are good and it seems to meet our need perfectly. I have already tried its cargo area. It is easy to get looms and spinning wheels in and out–and people too. We’ll see if it holds up over the long haul.

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