Lovely day! It all started with a 5K run at Coyote Point, an open space preserve on the east side of the Bay. The early morning was cold and foggy. I encountered a sudden shower on the freeway as I drove to the Dumbarton Bridge. The promise of wonderful vistas of the Bay and foothills along the course seemed remote. Fortunately I had a good jacket. At almost the moment the run started the sun came out and I regretted my decision not to check my jacket. Too late, and a good thing too. It was sunny, but with sudden cold gusts blowing in from the Bay.

We ran along the salt marsh and on a wooden bridge over an estuary. As we ran up and around a hill a pristine view across the Bay greeted us. The Dumbarton and San Mateo bridges framed the Bay on two sides as we looked at the cloud-covered Santa Cruz Mountains across the Bay. Birds drifted by. The first poppy of spring appeared along the course. 2013-01-26 09.35.14 2013-01-26 09.54.45 2013-01-26 10.43.42

I ran (actually walked quite a bit) with Phyllis Karsten. Phyllis had her 88th birthday last Thursday. I introduced Phyllis to the world of 5Ks a couple of years ago. She has never looked back. She trained and completed a half marathon this past year and is going to the Summer National Senior Games in Ohio this summer. I am sticking with 5Ks.

I hurried home where we awaited the arrival of a table and benches from Terra Amico. Our grandson, Brian, and his fiance had ordered these when they were here at Thanksgiving. They had met Joe Raineri, the husband of a friend, who builds beautiful furniture to order from recycled wood. We could hardly wait to see these pieces. And we were not disappointed. They will stay with us until Brian and Sydney can get here from Portland to pick them up.

This was a grand birthday present.

Gordon has a hard time with birthday presents for me since I never really want anything. I have enough stuff! But he hit the jackpot this year with a lovely fern that perfectly mirrors the print we have had hanging above the mantel for years. Fern on the mantel

And to top off this perfect day we had a lovely dinner featuring filet mignon wrapped with bacon accompanied by a nice zinfandel, part of an elegant Christmas gift from one of Gordon’s daughters and family. I have stopped counting years, but my birthdays continue to be excellent.

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