apricot tree before pruningOur four decades old apricot tree has suffered from my inept and uneducated pruning for years. My friend Anne, who once taught high school with me, comes up every summer. She is from a couple of generations of local orchardists and has been dismayed at the state of our tree. Last year she sent her husband Earl up to help the poor old tree. He has it on a 3-year plan. After an initial pruning last year, which caused it to provide more fruit than usual, he came up again this year and gave it a second year’s rejuvenation. Not only that, he is giving me lessons along the way.

Earl uses large pruners to trim apricot tree When we arrived home today, Earl was here. He is not only a knowledgeable fruit grower and outdoorsman, but also a beekeeper, and a former police officer. He has lived in the Santa Clara Valley all his life and seen more of it than most of us. I think our tree knows that it has been adopted by someone who cares. I am dusting off all my apricot recipes. Grateful to my friends. Thanks. Ear!l

2 thoughts on “Apricots

  1. Marilyn says:

    What a delight to read your posts. I am not a crazy weird stalker but simply curious after reading your review of “Last of the Prune Pickers” at Goodreads. Because I actually did pick a few prunes in the valley (my mom’s cousin had orchards) it caught my eye. Such a small world! I grew up almost in Saratoga, learned to love growing things from my grandfather; I have carted his grapevines across two states, heirlooms from family farms back east. Pruning escapes me but the vined and trees try hard! I just wanted you to know you made a warm and welcome ripple in the stream of my life on this beautiful California day which I am spending in the laborious task of closing out my dear mom’s estate. 🙂

    • Anne says:

      Thank you, Marilyn. I rarely get replies to my posts so just now found this one. Not only do you share my passion for the fruits that reward us, but you also share my understanding about the task of closing the estate of a beloved mother.

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