About Me

You may have noticed: I am a mountain woman.

This has not always been true. I was born in Iowa which is flat, flat, flat! When I was twelve, my family took a trip to Estes Park, Colorado. I fell in love with the mountains. I loved the rocks and decided to become a geologist. This did not happen, but I do have a son-in-law who is one.

As my life progressed, it became clear that I am a generalist, not a specialist. I want to know everything about everything. I love learning both the ancient and modern wisdom of the universe, or at least of the earth. Through my three main careers—to date—in education, hospitality, and nonprofits I have had opportunities to partially satisfy this urge.

And for the past forty-four years I have lived in one of Earth’s most spectacular spots—on top of a mountain surrounded by open space, wild life, and spectacular views, but within driving distance of treasuries of some of the world’s finest works and greatest minds.

My wish is that all creatures great and small may find their perfect mountain.