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2015-04-26_Great_RaceI did it again. What was I thinking? Another weekend, another run. But this one is special. It starts in Saratoga, just at the bottom of my hill, and ends in Los Gatos.  And I have been doing it since 1997. Half of the highway is closed and around 2000 people get a chance to run, rather than drive, on this beautiful narrow highway. As with most runs I end up in my sweet spot, behind the real runners and in front of the people taking a walk. It is here that I have a chance to meet some lovely people.

My favorites are the people with kids old enough to want to do the run but young enough to be challenged by it and to be challenging to their parents. The really young ones have two speeds: fast forward and stop. Sometimes I pass parents pleading with their child to run a little bit farther. The kids that are a little older try to keep going but sprint  (sometimes challenging their parents) and then run out of steam and need to walk a while. When I have a chance to pass them at my slow and steady pace, I ask the kids if they know the story of The Hare and the Tortoise. Usually they do. I tell them I am the tortoise and they are the hare and maybe this time the hare will win. I challenge them to pass me by the time we get to the big tree, or the next road marker, or the top of the hill. And they do. We often repeat this as the tortoise catches up to them and passes them again. But they always get to the finish line first with their often grateful and exhausted parents in tow.

Will I do it again? I’ll let you decide!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like your hare and tortoise scheme to keep those young runners on the game. Keep going, Anne. You are my mentor.

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